Student Handbook

This handbook has been prepared to answer some of the questions most frequently asked about the organization and the operation of Exeter High School. It is by no means exhaustive, but includes academic, athletic, and general information, which should be helpful to each student and parent. We expect student's to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations contained in this handbook.

The administration solicits parent and student support and assistance in making our programs more responsive to the needs of all. Parents of the School Administrative Unit # 16 community are welcome to visit the school and become better acquainted with the staff members and the programs, which we are providing for our students.

Cooperatively, we shall meet the needs of our present and future students with quality programs. We urge our students to take advantage of the opportunities available at Exeter High School.

Exeter High School is a dynamic institution, which is constantly changing to more effectively meet the needs of its students.