Freshman Transition
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Freshman Transition Events

Mid-January of 8th Grade:

Presentation to 8th graders in CMS auditorium by EHS administrators, School Counseling Dept., and Seacoast School of Technology (SST).

Late January of 8th Grade:

EHS Learning Area Leaders (LAL's) and faculty review recommendation process with CMS 8th grade teachers and counselors.

Late January of 8th Grade:

CMS 8th grade faculty complete course recommendations online.

Early February of 8th Grade:

"Blue Hawk 101" @ EHS in the evening. Presentation to 8th-grade parents and students by EHS administrators, counselors, and faculty.

Early February of 8th Grade:

EHS Freshman Counselor meets with the 8th graders in small groups in the team area to review the transition and registration process and answer questions.

Early February to mid-February of 8th grade:

8th-grade students complete online registration.

Late February: CMS counselors meet with all 8th graders to review course selections.

Freshman Transition Events (Cont.)

Early March of 8th Grade:

CMS counselors finalize student course registrations.

March to June of 8th Grade:

EHS administration completes student schedules for the following year.

Early June of 8th grade:

Grade 8 "Move-Up Day" at EHS.


Schedules are given to the incoming 9th graders.

August 19, 2019: Monday, August 19th from 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm is Freshman Parent Night, at EHS prior to Freshman Orientation.

2019 Freshman Parent Night information (see link)

August 21, 2019: Wednesday, August 21st from 7:30-11:30 am is EHS Hawk Crew Freshman Orientation program at EHS prior to the opening of school. Transportation provided.

2019 Freshman Orientation Information (see link)

Freshman Orientation Schedule (see link)