Exeter High School
Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations
(Draft Approved by EHS Faculty on 4/21/15)

Core Values

Exeter High School students proudly endeavor to be:

  • Respectful and responsible citizens
  • Engaged members of the greater community
  • Active learners who strive for their highest academic and social potential through critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication


Beliefs about Learning

Because effective learning in the 21st Century demands self-direction with community-wide collaboration, Exeter High School students will:

  • Engage in meaningful and challenging educational experiences that inspire lifelong learning through a rich and rigorous academic foundation
  • Analyze and synthesize content through multiple experiences and opportunities in order to better access higher level thinking skills
  • Cooperate with faculty to express knowledge and ideas while building mutual understanding
  • Demonstrate self-advocacy and personal growth, and model responsible, respectful behavior towards themselves, each other, and the larger community through family and community partnerships


21st Century Learning Expectations

Exeter High School students continue to:


  • Work both independently and collaboratively
  • Listen, read, and write effectively and critically
  • Identify and utilize a variety of resources to obtain and deliver information
  • Employ multiple strategies in critical thinking, problem solving, and performance
  • Apply learned skills and create with integrity and originality


  • Develop and maintain the skills, competencies, and qualities to succeed personally, interpersonally, and professionally
  • Take an active role in their own learning and personal development
  • Recognize and respect the needs, differences, opinions, and personal spaces of others


  • Demonstrate appropriate active citizenship in the greater community
  • Strengthen school and community partnerships through effective service
  • Accept responsibility and understand the impact of their own actions