CMS Special Education Services

Contact Information:

Mrs. Sonya Roche - Director of Special Education

Ms. Clermont, Catherine - LEA Administrator

Ms. Brenda Cole - Administrative Assistant

Phone Number: 775-8715



*Carolyn Berenson -  Special Ed. Teacher

Jeanne Civiello - Speech/Language Pathologist

Nicole Enright - Special Ed. Teacher

Melissa Gagne - Special Ed. Teacher

Valda Girgensons - Physical Therapist

Kim Houghtaling - Special Ed. Teacher

Carrie  Jackson - Special Ed. Teacher

Lorrie Jones - Special Ed. Teacher 

Patrick Joyce - Special Ed. Teacher

Cindy Kamberelis - Special Ed. Teacher

Ed Lettich - Special Ed. Teacher

Lynn Malgeri - Special Ed. Teacher

Jeanne Mantarian - Speech/Language Pathologist

Ann McDonough - Special Ed. Teacher

Laurie McIntosh - Occupational Therapist

George McKenney - Special Ed. Teacher

Kim Paynter - School Psychologist

Katie Phaneuf - Speech Language Pathologist

John Potter - BCBA/School Psychologist

Sarah Sherman - Special Ed. Teacher

Brittany Thompson - Special Ed. Teacher

Christine Trojan - Spec. Ed. Teacher 

*Denotes the department's Learning Area Leader