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In order to maintain and promote a challenging, safe, and healthy learning environment, our entire school community must individually and collectively follow a code of acceptable and appropriate conduct At all times, even before and after school hours, we must be: Respectful Honest Responsible Compassionate Fair It is by design that our rules here at CMS are simple and straightforward. They are also meant to help maintain an orderly school environment that supports and advances student achievement. By following our rules we can grow to become responsible, selfdirected learners who enjoy coming to school where learning is exciting, meaningful, and free from distractions. At CMS we have: School-wide rules Team rules Teacher rules We strive to maintain an appropriate and necessary consistency with the above. It is true that a certain degree of flexibility is granted to both our teams and to our teachers in terms of establishing their own individual standards and expectations. This flexibility allows us to protect our “schools within a school philosophy”.